Error Correction Codes (2013 Spring)

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Course Information

Course Error Correction Codes (Lectures in English)
Department Electronics Engineering
Course Number G14751
Hours 3 hours (M 2:00-4:45)
Credits 3.0 credits
Instructor Prof. Hyunggon Park
Office Engineering A Bldg. 514
Tel. 3277-3896

Course Objectives

This course covers the key concepts, principles, core techniques and algorithms used in error correction codes.

Texts and References

  • Texts
  1. Handouts
  • References
  1. Algebraic Codes for Data Transmission by Richard E. Blahut, Cambridge 2003.
  2. Error Control Systems for Digital Communication and Storage by Stephen B. Wicker, Prentice Hall. 2003.
  3. Digital Modulation and Coding by Stephen Wilson, Prentice Hall 1996.
  4. Error Control Coding: Fundamentals and Applications by Shu Lin and Dan Costello, Prentice Hall 1983.

Course Structures and Teaching Methods

Lectures with presentation slides

Course Requirements and Assignments

Students are required to do their homework and projects.

Evaluation and Grades

  1. Homework/Projects (20%)
  2. Midterm Exam (35%)
  3. Final Exam (45%)

Tentative Course Outline

A tentative list of the covered topics:

  • Linear Block Codes
  • Basics of Abstract Algebra
  • Linear Cyclic Codes
  • BCH
  • Reed Solomon Codes
  • Convolutional Codes
  • Viterbi Decoding
  • Catastrophic Behavior and Minimality
  • Trellis Codes
  • Turbo Codes
  • Low-Density Parity Check (LDPC) Codes